I watched Hello Baby the last episode again. It’s the 3rd time for today..and i know i just cannot get over it T.T 

at the beginning of the show, MBLAQ and the kids were so funny, i laughed my ass off when Mir fell in the musical show lol. but then i had to remind myself about the goodbye moments..

Mir has improved a lot these days. he speaks Engrish, his adorable Engrish! ‘Oh my god’, ‘high school, middle school’, ‘Dis Puve - Mapoon 5’ :) He is closer to the kids, he plays with Leo a lot, Dayoung chose him as the 2nd favorite appa ^^ but what will come will come..i know..

Seungho, our precious leader :) we missed you a lot! it’s so sad that you were injured and could not make it to the filming of Hello Baby :( but no matter how long you disappeared, Lauren just couldnt forget you kekeke :D she even wants to marry you Seungho lol. (NO LAUREN, SEUNGHO IS MINE). 

G.O ahhh~ our sexy Byunghee lol. i’m a bit sad because you aren’t close with Dayoung in the last ep. Dayoung is like totally in love with you, G.O !!! take care of her well :) next time you see her on the street, make sure that you get her heart back! Don’t let Mir steal it keke ^^

Joonie my sexy babe ;* omg this last episode is probably the most surprising in this season *o* Leo and Lauren were fighting over you *o* omg you must be really happy ;)! well you’ve tried a lot to take care of the kids, everyone can see how much you care about Leo, Lauren and Dayoung. ^^ im proud of you Joon ah~

And Thunder..i just cannot tell you how much i cried when you just stood there doing nothing when Leo came back crying. You sure were the one who was hurt the most. Even when you don’t talk, i can really feel how sad you are inside. Just because you don’t talk much doesnt mean you don’t have feelings right. I just cried over and over again when i saw you looking at Leo, hopelessly, with that unemotional face but painful eyes. I know if Leo cried a little bit longer, you might burst into tears in any second. But why did you hold your feelings inside? Why babeeeeee :( You seem to be tired these days.. You must miss Leo a lot dont you.. 

Leo, Lauren, Dayoung ah! Please grow up healthily and prettily. Don’t forget MBLAQ appas ok? ^^ when you are grown up, please treat MBLAQ appas a meal okay keke ^^ We will miss you a lot :)

p.s: sorry for the Seungho’s gif. i made a mistake while doing it T.T :(

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